Ocean Eight Shoot: Anne Hathaway rocks a fabulous low-key Look in New York and LUTON?

So, we are hearing that Luton is in for being shot for scenes with the upcoming Oceans Eight! If this is true then thats a big economic push for the city!

Anne Hathaway is the famous actress who played a significant part in “The Dark Knight Rises.” She played the role of a Vampish Catwoman in that movie. One striking quality about the actress is her beauty.

Images from Fan Share

Currently, the 34 year- old decorated actress is showcasing her talent by playing part in “Ocean’s 8”. On Sunday, November 4, 2016, there was a scene being shot in Brooklyn. The actress seems to comfortably embrace her inner criminal once more as she arrived for the Ocean’s 8 scene shoot in New York. Anne Hathaway appeared for the shoot looking glamorous, though she looked to go incognito.

Anne Hathaway was wearing a casual chic ensemble. She epitomized a seasonally stylish by wearing ripped denim jeans, an open-neck white shirt, caramel Olivia Topcoat and black boots. Additionally, the adorable actress had covered her hair with a silky scarf that looked funky. She had some over-sized sunglasses. All this did one thing; obscure Anne Hathaway’s adorable features.

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